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The Legend of the Werewolf is one of a man, who bitten by a wolf, is cursed to become a wolf or wolf-like creature at the rising of the full moon. The werewolf's bite passes the curse along to
any victim who survives the attack, making them a werewolf as well. In old folklore the werewolf was one of the greatest threats to man. The attacks of werewolves would cause whole villages

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to be evacuated. In most old legends the werewolf appears as a normal looking wolf, in some it is a huge black furred,red eyed, slavering monstrosity. The most common legend tells of a travelling soldier who stays with a friend, that night taking a walk the soldier is attacked by a wolf, in the struggle the soldier manages to hack off one of the wolf's paws. The next morning the soldieromes to breakfast to find his friend's hand bandaged up, he realizes his freind was the wolf and kills him. In other legends the werewolf is an evil person who has made a deal with the devil and in exchange has been given a wolfskin that when worn in the light of the full moon causes the wearer to become a wolf. In some legends the wolf lives inside the man and when the full moon rises either tears the man's skin off, turns itself inside out revealing the wolf or causes the man to vomit it out leaving the man a conscious pile of skin on the floor. In the legends a werewolf could be killed in any fashion that would kill any living thing.

    In the original telling of "Little Red Riding Hood" the werewolf that her grandmother had become is killed by having it's head cut off. In more modern time the stipulation that the object had to be silver was added.


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